About Open Hardware

This is a wordpress site to collate links and resources on Open Source and Open Hardware for the Community Solutions Initiative

The site will be enhanced by embedded slideshows and media clips

To get a good understanding of Open Hardware read the article

Semmelhack is the Founder and CEO of Bug Labs, a group focused on “bottom-up, community based innovation” in the hardware market. His talk, “The Long Tail of Gadgets”, focuses on how open source hardware is enabling this bottom-up innovation. Semmelhack’s vision for hardware is that we’ll move away from a small number of companies building gadgets with markets of millions, to millions of innovators creating devices for the few.


For a list of Open Hardware Projects

The Renewable Open Hardware Projects Includes:
SHPEGS: A system that uses a combination of direct and indirect solar collection to generate electricity and store thermal energy in an economical, environmentally friendly, scalable, reliable, efficient and location independent manner using common construction materials

Small wind turbines: To assist people in the developing countries, and hobbyists alike, several projects have been open-sourced, e.g. the Jua Kali wind turbine, Hugh Piggot’s wind turbine, ForceField Wind Turbine, et cetera

OpenEnergyMonitor project: a project to develop and build open source energy monitoring and analysis tools for energy efficiency and distributed renewable microgeneration.

Free Charge Controller project: an open source charge controller using MPPT to maximize power delivery from alternative energy sources. In it’s current state, it is designed to interface a 60 watt solar panel to charge a battery, but alternative input sources and loads are planned.


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